12 Pinterest Closets To Obsess Over

Hey everyone, I'm back here today with another interiors post! Because of the layout of my apartment, my closet isn't in my room so when I first moved in I bought a clothing rack to put in my room that holds most of my go-to pieces like flowy tops, denim jackets, and many LBDs. Here's a photo of it if you'd like to see:

Friday night lights ✨💘

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So anyway, I recently went through and reorganized it and a big part of the motivation for doing so came after a visit to a little website called Pinterest. Now, as I'm sure you probably already know, I have a Pinterest obsession. Whether it is covetable bookcases or dreamy bedding, Pinterest is my favorite source for interiors inspiration. So I've found some beautiful clothing racks and closets that I think look amazing and I hope these inspire you in your next closet organization or makeover. 

All images via Pinterest

And there you have it! Which was your favorite? How do you organize your closet?