The 5 Beauty Tools I'm Currently Obsessed With

Hello fabulous readers! It's been a minute since I did a beauty post so I am so excited to be sharing this one with you today! I wanted to talk about the beauty tools that I am loving right now (pictured above) so you can see for yourself what helps me get my makeup to look the way it does! From tweezers to brushes to blenders, these are the things that I've been obsessing over right now that take my beauty routine to the next level.

1. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

It is true that we live in an eyebrow obsessed world. I am so grateful I never tweezed my brows in middle school when super-thin brows first became a thing. Today, when there are stray hairs that grow in, I know that I can count on this product from Tweezerman to remove them painlessly.

2. Sigma Beauty E60 Large Shader Brush

Every painter needs a brush that is good at covering a lot of surface area with a pigment, and this is the makeup equivalent. I use this brush to apply my base color every single day.  

3. Sephora Dry Clean Brush Cleaner

Also if you remember from my Sigma Brush Kit review post, I asked anyone if they knew of any good brush cleaners, and I’ve finally found one! This Sephora brand cleaner works really well—all you have to do is spray the brush 2-3 times and rub the fibers on a tissue. It’s a super easy way to ensure you’re keeping those brushes nice and clean.

4. Sigma Beauty E40 Tapered Blending Brush

Every time I use this brush, I cringe trying to picture what my eyeshadow must have looked like for the last decade before I had it. This brush blends shades like a literal dream and makes the work of someone with no experience in shadow application feel like a seasoned pro.

5. Real Techniques Dual Extended Beauty Blender

As most of you know from previous beauty posts, I rarely wear foundation. So while I still apply my Glossier Skin Tint or Stila Tinted Moisturizer with my fingers (sorry if this breaks any Beauty Rules!!) the place where the beauty blender really makes a difference is with my concealer. I use the blender to pat down concealer around my eyes to eliminate any traces of circles and around my chin where I typically break out.

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What are your favorite beauty tools? Have you tried any of the ones above?