10 Of The Most Pinterest-Worthy Bookshelves

As you know, I love scrolling through the interiors pages of Pinterest. One thing that kept catching my eye was the gorgeously curated bookshelves with bright colors, fun accents, even live plants—seriously if you can keep a plant alive as it lives on a bookshelf, mad respect—sprinkled throughout the shelves creating a visually appealing scenario. Whether your bookshelf is light and colorful or rustic and natural, there are so many awesome ways you can decorate them. My current bookshelf situation in my room is a huge mess and this is exactly the inspiration I need to kick myself into organizing mode. Maybe I’ll even make a video about it (!?) Like I said, if you have any suggestions for videos you want to see, leave a comment below or shoot me an email at keepcalmandchiffon@gmail.com, I’d love to see if I could make it happen for you! Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful cases.

All images from Pinterest.

How would you style a bookshelf?