My Favorite Places To Shop For Interior Decor


I think I'll always have a fascination with interiors. I remember watching HGTV growing up, reading books on interior decorating and constantly re-arranging my bedroom to see the best way for all of the furniture to fit in. When I first moved into my apartment in Williamsburg, I was so excited to decorate my bedroom. Even though I didn't have it all figured out, I was so happy to have a space of my own that felt more permanent than a dorm room. So whether you're looking for ways to make a rented apartment feel like home, or if you've seen photos of my bedroom or my bedroom tour and want to know where I get some of my favorite pieces in my room, read on to learn the best places to shop for unique home decor. 


DENY Design

Best for: Tapestries

What I like about it: I can’t even remember why or how I first stumbled upon DENY but I am totally obsessed with the artists that they work with. I currently have one of their beautiful tapestries hanging above my bed, sort of like a makeshift headboard that adds so much color and drama to an otherwise plain wall.


Best for: Posters and wall hangings

What I like about it: In a similar way to DENY, Society6 is all about the artists and their work. I love that each design can be translated into posters, pillows, duvet covers, and beyond.

Urban Outfitters

Best for: Rugs and curtains

What I like about it: It’s an accessible price point for most 20-somethings and even though it’s a larger brand, their home decor always still has a sense of quirkiness to it.


Best for: Sheets and pillows

What I like about it: While I did initially discover this website while looking for dorm decor, so many of their products are great for life post-grad as well. I got my fluffy white pillows from here which to this day still get compliments from people who visit my apartment.

World Market

Best for: Home accents

What I like about it: The pieces from world market have the charm of what you'd find in a thrift store with the accessibility of a major chain store. My fuzzy stool and my jewelry holder in my bedroom are two of my favorite finds from this charming store. 


Best for: Simple stuff that’s too expensive anywhere else

What I like about it: I got my rose gold and glass makeup holder and my large mirror from here and I know that I’ll continue to find more amazing deals in the future. The best part about Amazon? Prime two-day shipping of course!


Best for: Dorm decor

What I like about it: Target is one of those stores that is so well organized that I can’t help but actually find what I’m looking for in there. And of course, I often find more than what I’m looking for too.

Thrift Stores

Best for: Hidden gems

What I like about them: There’s no better way to make your home feel unique than by finding something that no one else has. I found my tangerine side table at a thrift store in Bushwick and it fits into my room perfectly.

Where do you shop for home decor?