Everything You Need to Know About Glossier’s Lash Slick


I am by no means a mascara expert, and can in fact trace my mascara use for you over the years in a few sentences. Be warned, I say the word “mascara” a lot and it will be a link-heavy paragraph. I started out my mascara journey with the universally loved Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I then moved on to Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara from them because it seemed like it appealed to a younger audience than Great Lash and I thoroughly enjoyed the yellow packaging. In the college years, I moved on to a formula I’d discovered once I started shopping at Sephora (lol who was I before that?) from Too Faced called Better Than Sex mascara. This mascara, which New York Magazine’s The Cut wrote an excellent article about just last week, became my go-to for years. It was perfectly clumpy without being overly drying. The only thing that bothered me was I found the product itself didn’t live the full lifespan I’d hoped it would and I was constantly shelling out the $23 to replace it.


For Christmas last year, my mom dropped a few M.A.C goodies in my stocking including the M.A.C In Extreme Dimension Lash mascara (watch my review video here) which I used consistently for five months until a few weeks ago I bought myself the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara because I’d heard many people call it a dupe for Better Than Sex. Which again, there was nothing wrong with, but since Lash Paradise had a cheaper price tag I figured I’d give it a go. So here we are in May 2018 with me currently rotating between three mascaras, all of which I do like more than I thought I’d ever like any mascara. And now, Glossier is in the game too.

The Unveiling

In all of the recent Glossier product review posts I’ve done here on the blog I always like to include how the announcement was made and what kind of campaign is behind the products, since Glossier was built on social media and word of mouth. The Beyoncé announcement of Lidstar from the 2018 Grammy’s had me on edge for weeks and Solution was announced so quietly I almost didn’t even notice it was happening. Yesterday I was minding my own business and scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw that Into The Gloss published an article called “Why Doesn’t the Perfect Mascara Exist?” I clicked on it, intrigued, because as you can see from my intro paragraph ramblings, I find myself wondering that all the time. Plus, as many of you know I am a die-hard Gossip Girl fan and truly believe that some of the ITG editors were using her “hold juicy news over their heads so they can speculate about it before posting” tactic to drum up excitement. Then on Tuesday around 3PM, Glossier shared the following photo on Instagram of an adorable baby goat with long, beautiful lashes: 


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And that was that.

The Packaging

I was wondering if Glossier was going to attempt some extra-fancy packaging and try to make a tube of mascara more complicated than it is, but thankfully they stuck true to their original brand DNA and went for a sleek millennial pink tube with Glossier written on one side and Lash Slick written on the other. The brush is a tapered comb brush with tiered bristles that separate lashes at the root, to make sure your lashes are fully coated.

The Product

Emily Weiss shared that Glossier tested out 248 formulas over 18 months before releasing this mascara. This is honestly what I love about Glossier. They don’t rush product development and they’re not out to release hundreds of new products a year. They really want to focus on what the Glossier girl wants and needs in her makeup bag and make those products as great as they can be. According to the website, the formula is conditioning, lengthening, and water resistant (not waterproof because who wants that?) and uses Japanese fiber technology. This means that long fibers hook onto your lashes adding length—extensions without the extensions. It also contains vegan biotin which conditions and strengthens lashes so that over time your lashes feel softer and are healthier. It retails for $16 which puts it above a drugstore price but still more accessible than some higher end ones (Better Than Sex retails for $23). 


The Verdict

I loved the tapered brush because it allowed me to get into the inner and outer lashes better than the hourglass shape brush on some of the other mascaras I use. I also like that the formula didn't smudge at all when I was putting it on. If you like a wet, clumpy and thickening mascara, you won't like this one. It's more about enhancing the natural lash look. I think it's a nice option for everyday and I'll definitely add it to my rotation of mascaras. TBD on whether or not it dries out quickly because it isn't very wet to start with. 

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