the search for solace

On Saturday we welcomed the first flurries of the season to earth. As they fell, people cheered and congratulated them on completing their long descent from the cotton candy skies to our chaotic world. That is, some people did. At heart, I am a summer child and am nostalgic for nights of fireflies in mason jars and dancing in the heat at music festivals. Maybe the coldness will inspire me to adventure somewhere warmer; fall off the face of the map and drive off into oblivion. Explore abandoned desert camps and find scraps of burlap left behind by another bunch of someones. Or maybe I'll just make some hot chocolate, curl up in bed and hibernate for a few weeks. Who's with me?

Photos by Celine

Outfit Details: Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Tank: TOKO (similar), Skirt: Necessary Clothing (similar), Boots: H&M (similar)

yours weathering the storm,
Austen TosoneComment