spatial relations

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you already saw me refer to the doors of the Teen Vogue offices as the "Gates of Paradise." Now this is partly because I just had my Early Italian Renaissance exam, but partly because it's kind of true. Behind these glass doors is what I see as paradise: an incredibly driven team of creative people all working towards a common goal. This was my third year attending Teen Vogue's Fashion University and the reason I keep going back is because I not only love fashion, but I love learning about fashion. Every year I go back and hear someone new speak, it's like getting another piece of a giant puzzle of fashion knowledge. And the best part is that everyone finds different pieces so everyone has a different vision. Anyway scroll down to check out layout boards, the fashion and beauty closets and the one and only Amy Astley at work in her office. 

yours in shoe heaven, 
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