The 3 Pieces That Make Up My Fall Uniform


Hi everyone, I hope your week is going well! I'm excited to present the first of several fall styling posts for you guys! When I read Tim Gunn's book, A Guide to Quality, Life & Style there is one piece of advice he gave that really spoke to me and that I still remember today—the book came out in 2007, so yes, that should impress you that I still remember! It was all about the importance of having a look that you call your "uniform." Your uniform is a go-to, no-fail combination of pieces that will ensure that you are always put together and wearing an outfit that you love. For fall, there are endless outfit possibilities and sometimes there are so many that I often find myself overwhelmed by choice. While this is always preferable to feeling like you have nothing to wear, it can still slow you down. For fall, there are three items that pretty much guarantee outfit success. Have you already guessed from the photos?

Flowy dress + tights + ankle boots = perfect outfit!

I don't like math but this is math that I can totally get behind. One of the reasons I can always justify a new dress, a new texture of tights or a pair of ankle boots is because I know that I wear them A LOT this season. For now since it's warm, I went for a short-sleeve dress (that you may remember from my ASOS and Boohoo haul video) and some fishnet tights. When it really starts to get chilly, throwing a jacket on top of this look is the perfect way to stay warm and still stylish. 

Photographed by Sarah Ratner | Follow Sarah on Instagram

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What does your fall uniform look like?

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