Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's Body Hero


Whenever Glossier decides to launch a new product, I usually describe the feeling I get as the same one that I have on Christmas Eve. You have some expectations for sure, but you mostly feel excitement. Glossier's first venture into body dropped last month and everyone has been talking about it. So, what is the lowdown on Body Hero? Let me fill you in. 

The Inspiration

Glossier's website has now a body tab and that is something major for the brand that built its audience entirely on what goes on your face. When you click on this tab of the website it reads, "Face quality skincare, for the rest of you." Whereas they started with phase 1 (skincare) and broke into phase 2 (makeup) now they are leaping into phase 3, which will tackle the other 90% of you (body). 

The Campaign

Glossier has always been great about model diversity in terms of race, but many of its critics have pointed out that this never extended to body type. Well this campaign shatters all of the old preconceptions about the brand. Models of all sizes, even some who are pregnant, were featured as "body heroes." The campaign was displayed on wheat pastings all around New York City and on billboards in L.A. The best part? You can recreate the campaign yourself, because when you buy a Body Hero product, you get the accompanying mirror sticker so you can take your own body positive photo. 

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The Packaging

I actually watched Glossier's Instagram story the other day and they were talking about how they decided on the packaging making decision on everything from how "grabby" the tube feels (spoiler alert: very grabby) and that they chose to mix red into their iconic blush pink packaging to make a bold statement, something that is also reflected in the campaign imagery. 

The Products

Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, $18

The Daily Oil Wash feels like I'm giving my skin an extra dose of love, and for some reason I picture, like, Cleopatra using it in a bath made of gold. Now I will say I'm a die-hard body wash user and I don't think that this will replace my body wash. Instead I see it as giving my skin an extra dose of nourishment. It feels rich without being sticky and my skin soaks it up. 

Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, $22

I'm such a fan of body creams because as I realized in a recent discussion with a friend, girls who use body cream who actually have time to apply it, seem to have their shit together. Putting the Daily Perfecting Cream on right after I get out of the shower is so satisfying and I can immediately see a difference when I put it on—my skin looks brighter and healthier because it looks nourished.

You can also buy them together and save $5, which is what I did. 

the verdict

I'll admit, I was super skeptical about Glossier jumping out of their comfort zone into body, but I have to say I do really like both of these products. I kind of figured I'd love the Daily Perfecting Cream because I love body lotion, but I'm glad I like the Daily Oil Wash too. I think now that I think of it as an addition to my shower routine instead of replacing something I already know works, I like it much better. Also, if you read my Glossier guide post, you'll notice that it has now been updated to include the Body Hero products.


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