How To Spend A Perfect Autumn Day In NYC


It's the best time of year once again! Time for vibrant foliage, apple picking, and of course, fall outfits. The crisp autumn air is starting to settle in here in the best city in the world and there are just so many things to do with these days. I made a list of some of my favorites and am also sharing one of my favorite autumn outfits with you, shot by the one and only Sarah Ratner. I hope this little list gives you some ideas of how to spend a day in NYC when the autumn weather is at its peak. 

1. Enjoy a hot latte

Unless you're #TeamIcedCoffeeNoMatterTheSeason, now is the time to switch back over to the piping hot latte. Whether you prefer pumpkin spice or chai, getting a latte is one of the most satisfying things about autumn. Enjoy it sitting at a café or take it in a to-go cup. 

2. Go shopping

Fall fashion is as good as it gets and if you haven't gotten a chance to indulge in a few fall styles, now is your chance. I'm not saying blow through your whole paycheck, but you'd be surprised about how adding a few new bits to your closet will make you feel like a grade A style star. This metallic sweater was calling my name and it was only $23. You can find some awesome pieces for a bargain when it comes to fall fashion. 

3. Stroll through Central Park 

There are few things that bring out the magic of New York in autumn like Central Park and gearing up in a cozy sweater and grabbing a friend to take a stroll is the easiest way to enjoy a gorgeous day out in NYC. You can rent a rowboat (a great idea now that the temperatures have cooled), have lunch at the boathouse or grab some wine and make a picnic. 

4. Write at a café for hours

This is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon. I am a writer at heart and whether that's blog posts, non-fiction, or an assignment for work, there is always something for me to jot down and this is definitely the time of year I feel the most inspired to write. Once you find a place with great coffee and good WiFi, the creative possibilities are endless. 

5. Visit the Cloisters and Fort Tyron Park

One of the reasons Central Park is so great is because of the gorgeous display of colorful leaves. But if you've been there done that with New York's biggest park, you should definitely consider a trip up to the Cloisters. The Cloisters is an addition of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and is home to some great medieval art. Fort Tyron Park also boasts some gorgeous colorful foliage and the trip up to 190th street will definitely feel like a mini city escape. 

6. Walk around the Upper East Side and scope out apartments for when you're rich 

Maybe this is just a me thing, but wandering the Upper East Side gives you the chance to pop in and out of museums (I suggest The Frick and the Museum of the City of New York) while also scoping out real estate that you can only dream of as you live off of ramen and pizza to pay rent for the closet you live in (but I can't complain about ramen and pizza). Be sure to check out some of the locations where Gossip Girl was filmed. 

Photographed by Sarah Ratner | Follow Sarah on Instagram

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What are some of your favorite things to do in autumn?