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What is right on pitch?

Right on Pitch is a seven-page e-book where I share tips and tricks I’ve learned as a magazine editor, fashion and beauty blogger, and freelance writer to help you get your ideas out into the world and get paid for them.


I wanted to freelance but had no idea how

When I got laid off from my job (the second time) I was still applying to full-time positions, but I started freelancing on the side to make some money. In the past year that I’ve been freelance, I’ve pitched stories that have been published in publications like The Zoe Report, Fashionista, Refinery29 and more.

I’ve been paid to partner with brands like Garnier, The New York Times, and Primark because I was able to convince them that out of hundreds of other bloggers, I could help tell their stories in a way that my audience would understand and relate to.

I’ve also pitched myself to websites like and As Told by Women and to podcasts like Self-Care Sunday and The Female Millennial to help create brand awareness for myself and position myself as an expert in my field.

I decided to create right on pitch because it is by far the number one thing that i get asked about, whether it’s on instagram dm or in person at an event.

I’d love to be able to have a 30-minute coffee date with everyone who asks for pitching advice and share what i know but since i can’t do that, i figured this would be the next best thing.

what do i get with right on pitch?

Right on Pitch includes:

Welcome message from Austen
What makes a great pitch?
How to pitch brands for collaborations
How to pitch ideas to publications
My editor-approved pitch checklist
How to structure your pitch email
Tips for negotiating your rates

PLUS actual pitch email templates that I’ve used to attend shows at New York Fashion Week, stay for free at a hotel in Midtown NYC, and pitch a story to a publication that was published even though I didn’t know anyone who worked there.


Of course I could go on and on about how much value i feel this will add to your pitch game but i figured i’d share how other people felt after reading right on pitch.

these testimonials come from people across multiple fields including bloggers, journalists, educators, etsy shop owners, and more to show that this guide can help you out no matter what industry you’re in.

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