desert sand doors

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Sometimes you just need to hide in folds of drapey darkness. After sleeping in until 11am (rare for me) after my first week of my fashion internship at Marie Claire, I couldn't get out of the pajama mindset. So by keeping it simple and creating this shapeless silhouette, I was able to hold onto my relaxed mentality. That is, until I slipped into heels to inject some daytime into the look. And for those who have been asking for details about work; the days are long, the to-do lists are endless, and multi-tasking is basically a religion. And I'm loving every second so far. 

Photos by Celine

Outfit Details: Top: Free People, Pants: Free People, Bra: Free People, Armband: Free People, Necklace: Free People (similar), Shoes: Dolce Vita (different color)