In the words of Mark from Rent, "I can't believe a year went by so fast." A year ago today, I was a lost little theater major at Muhlenberg. When I left, I didn't know if I was coming back or not because some hopeful part of myself convinced me to take one last shot at my dream school, knowing I had nothing to lose by trying. And as it turns out, I had everything to gain. I scored an awesome job at Free People, interned for CollegeFashionista, directed my own fashion show, and did some awesome shoots for Keep Calm! Shoutout to Celine and Ava especially for helping out with shoots. I'm really so grateful for this past year and grateful to all of the amazing people I met. And now I've moved out of my palace (seriously going to miss the best room/suite ever), packed up all my boxes (okay or I used Free People bags), and am finally home! ...Only to move back in a week. Can't keep me away from the city for too long.

Photos by Celine

Outfit Details: Top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: Midnight Marauders, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell x Free People, Necklace: Brandy Melville, Arm Cuff: Gypsy Warrior