There are musts, and there are desires. Things we must do: laundry, study for finals, check your privilege, etc. Things we desire to do: "I really want to try that new coffee shop on 10th" or "We should definitely go to Coney Island this semester" or "Maybe some of us will go to a poetry slam downtown and try to pick up some artsy boys." Alas, the musts get done. But when do we push beyond the brainstorming and getting to the actual doing? Well now I can check "Shoot in Central Park" off my list of desires and hopefully be more productive in list-doings over the summer months. 

Photos by Jim 

Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21, (similar) Shorts: Forever 21 (similar), Kimono: Necessary Clothing (similar), Hat: Free People, Bra: Free People, Boots: Jeffery Campbell