Muted backgrounds call for red lips. Everyone knows that. They balance each other out like an equation you could never solve in calculus. An unexpected pairing sure, but harmonious nonetheless. Another valiant effort to inject some color into my wardrobe in the persistant monochrome battle. Picked up the patterned skirt from the LF sale, which every girl knows is one of the best deals of the season. Some people complain about the chaos of the sale, but that's the best part from my point of view. It's like the world's greatest treasure hunt. I've experienced the sale from every angle, from the ease of picking something up when I first walked in to the struggle of crawling on the floor for hours searching for an estranged shoe that got separated from its match. Best advice? It's always worth it, so go for it. 

Photos by Raney

Outfit Details: Sweater and Skirt: LF, Top: Gypsy Warrior, Shoes: Free People x Jeffery Campbell, Hat: BP Nordstrom, Necklace: Brandy Melville