The dreaded knock on the door. "Hey Austen, are you ready for breakfast?" At this point in the morning I am still standing in my room with my glasses on my head wearing my pajamas. "Uhhh... yeah one second!" I tripped over the carpet and proceeded to grab Mira's skirt off of her desk chair, the first black t-shirt I pulled out of my drawer and my go-to velvet boots. Done. I unwillingly threw a sweater over this ensemble to breakfast but I am so eager for spring that I went ahead with the photo shoot without it. My denim cutoffs and tank tops are practically bursting out of my drawers and I am right there with them.

Outfit Details: T-shirt: TopShop, Skirt: Free People, Boots: H&M

noted from the underground, 
Keep Calm and Chiffon 

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