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Okay, I'm still in the process of blogging about this weekend at Teen Vogue Fashion University, so I'm going to break it down so it's not as overwhelming. Here are some photos from my tour of the editorial floor. I know, I know, I'm a toootttaaal hipster for wearing my knee-highs with my wedges. Judge me. Do it. 

Amy Astley's Office 


Doc Martin's in the closet. The closet is bigger than my whole house. 

The entrance 

One of the highlights of this weekend was being interviewed by Katie, a writer for "The Cut" which is New York Mag's online fashion section. Click here to see my picture (or just look right above this it's right there) and interview with her. 

Also check my Instagram @jane_aus10 for more pictures from this weekend and keep checking back here for more pictures and posts to follow!

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