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So, it seems impossible to believe, but summer is beginning to wind down and there is a huge buzz about back-to-school. And for me, and lots of my other friends, it starts to really sink in that we're headed off to college, fleeing the nest, leaving home, or whatever other euphemisms people come up with for completely abandoning everything you know and going some  place new. For me, the countdown stands at 19 days til move-in which means two things. One, I have a lot of good-byes and plans to make, and two I need to go shopping. Badly. And not just for clothes, for a comforter and for a dust buster and all of that other stuff you never think about needing but actually will. But since I brought it up, let's take a minute to talk about back-to-school shopping. Like, where does one even begin? It's a new year, and that means a new look for you! Which can be exciting and extremely intimidating at the same time. But, we've got to start somewhere. Here's how I break it down.

I love the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I am a huge proponent of the store. What I love best is the customer service. I have purchased things from there that I've never used (hey, we all do it!) and brought them back months later and they will give me a full refund.

Separately, the anniversary sale allows you to have access to the latest stuff for fall at a discounted price. And if you're in good with one of the sales associates, (for me it's Oneika from the BP department) you can even go to a presale and check out the stuff before everyone else sees it! So that makes you doubly awesome and ahead of everyone else.

So what, you ask, should you buy to fully take advantage of this amazing sale? Well, everyone is different, but for me it comes down to what is comfortable, what will keep me warm on chilly autumn days, and what updates my wardrobe to include pieces I don't have that can easily fit in with the rest of my closet. So here are my six essentials that I purchased with the anniversary sale discount:

1) Black, sheer t-shirt
This top is exactly what every girl should have in her closet. I know it seems kind of obvious but this t-shirt is made from a dressier polyester instead of the standard cotton. Wearing this with a necklace and a simple skirt will look much fancier, but it's also a nice option to pair with patterned jeans for a funkier look.

2) Tri-Blend Tee
I've been looking at expensive versions of this style at American Apparel for as long as I can remember and though I loved the idea of a tri-blend fabric, I wasn't too keen on the silhouettes they offered. This tee is a little more boxy but it also has the visible seams on each side which gives it character.

3) Black cotton blazer
I bought a heavier version of this from the sale last year and though I loved it, at times I felt a little fancier and stiff than I would have liked. The shape and the fabric of this one feels more relaxed and will even work for spring because of the lightweight fabric.

4) Green jeans
I really started building my denim wardrobe last year. I have moved on from the skinny dark blue and gone for cropped, patterned, colored, everything. Tops are still my weakness but I'm developing a new love for bottoms. With bright denim keep the rest of the outfit neutral so the pants can be in the spotlight.

5)Black coated jeans
Black skinnies are imperative. You can't deny it. They go with EVERYTHING. And the coated look is an update for fall. Those with a leather jacket and all you're missing is a Harley.

6) Cape-like coat
This piece goes with the blanket stripe trend as well as the new nomad trend that will be coming to stores for the fall. It's perfect for running around campus in the fall and is cozy and relaxed.

Now these are all good quality pieces that will last a long time. This doesn't mean you can't add trendier pieces to your wardrobe as the season progresses, but choose cheaper pieces for trendier items so you can stay on trend.

I hope this helped chase away any of the shopping fear clouds that may have been hanging over some of your heads. As always any questions, comments or feedback about posts can be directed to Also, I wanted to point out the two new gadgets that appear in the right-hand column. The first is a share button so if you see something on here that you like you can automatically share it on Twitter or Facebook. The second is a follow by e-mail button so you can enter your e-mail address and you will be updated when there is a new post. Lastly, I launched my Facebook page this week so you can find more stuff at 

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