How To Get Noticed by Street Style Photographers at NYFW

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Michael’s Consignment.

I can’t help but think about how much fashion week has changed in the last 10 years. 10 years ago, BryanBoy and Tavi Gevinson sent shockwaves through the industry after snagging front row seats at shows and—wait for it—bringing their laptops to blog about the shows as they were happening. Now it’s quite common for bloggers to be seated front row with an iPhone in one hand and a vlogging camera in the other, many even earning front row seats that used to be reserved exclusively for top-tier editors and buyers. Traditionally bloggers could be spotted outside of runway shows in attention-grabbing outfits that first helped define this idea of street style. The first few times I “attended” fashion week, I simply put on an outfit that I loved and would just hang around Lincoln Center or Skylight Clarkson Square to see what people were wearing and get inspired.  

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get about fashion week is what to wear. Whether you’re just attending an event or two, or you’ve got a whole week packed from day to night with presentations, meetings, and runway shows, there are a few style tips that have never steered me wrong. Now that this is my seventh season of actually attending New York Fashion Week, I have a few suggestions for how to stand out in a crowd and attract the attention of street style photographers. And the best part? You can stay true to your personal style and not feel like you’re wearing a costume. Here are my best tips for getting photographed during fashion week. 


Don’t wear what everyone else is wearing 

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy the same “it” item that everyone else has. One of my favorite places to look for pieces to wear to NYFW is at vintage and consignment shops. If you’re in NYC, you definitely have to pop into Michael’s Consignment on the Upper East Side. Not only is it a block away from The Met (Gossip Girl vibes, anyone?) but also they have a truly amazing selection of authentic, luxury pieces that you won’t be able to resist. I was so excited to be able to go to New York Fashion Week and wear pieces from Michael’s this year because it’s truly a store that I could spend hours browsing through.

Take this Missoni dress that I wore with a padded pink headband and a red Mango purse to channel Blair Waldorf or this gorgeous metallic J. Mendel skater dress that I wore to the NYFW kickoff event at Michael’s that would send any influencer swooning. Both are simple in silhouette but can have major impact in photos. Leopard print may be big this season but put your own spin on it—get a leopard accessory to capture the attention of a photographer without veering too far off from your own personal style or find the print in a totally unexpected color that better suits your vibe. By shopping consignment you’ll find gems that no one else will have and that you’ll love and treasure for years to come. I was so thrilled to be able to wear these pieces to New York Fashion Week and felt so confident showing up to events and shows in pieces I knew no one else would have.

Know where to walk

At Spring Studios, where most of the NYFW shows are now, photographers stand in one prime location so you’ll want to make sure you’re walking through their direct path. I always walk to Spring Studios from the north even though it means I have to get out of the subway a little further from where I would if I were going straight there. It’s not about the most direct path to the show! Don’t be afraid to scope it out on the first day so that you’ll know where to go for the rest of the week.  

Find a friend to coordinate outfits with

I’ve started to notice that in recent years pairs and groups tend to get photographed more and more especially if they have coordinating outfits and my theory was confirmed in a recent article published on Fashionista. Caitlin and I have noticed this when we’ve worn outfits together before and I’ve also been photographed walking into a show with Caroline because our outfits have similar vibes. I think the key here really is that the outfits are similar—they don’t have to be identical! Even in the photo above my shoes and lipstick compliment the red in Caitlin’s t-shirt. Small details can still have a major impact.  

Pretend to talk on the phone  

I have been doing this for a few seasons now and when I finally revealed I did this on Instagram, the photo got shared and reposted by so many other people! I pretend to take a phone call when I’m walking up to the shows because it gives me something to react to and I can look slightly more engaged than I would if I were just staring at my phone. I have also done this move while leaving a show pretending that I was looking for my Lyft driver. This move landed me in Man Repeller’s street style slideshow last year (click to day 2 and scroll to the second photo to see this photo) so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.  

Be true to your style 

This goes back to the first point but wear what you love and what makes you feel happy! If sequins and loud colors aren’t your thing, rock your neutrals all week long. If you’re a maximalist, don’t hold back from layering on necklaces. It’s all about what you feel the most confident in. I end up wearing sneakers to 90% of the shows and events I attend and even though I wish I could pull off heels for some events, I’m always glad to be comfortable as I run from shows to events.

Have you attended NYFW? What are your best tips for what to wear? Don’t forget to pop into Michael’s Consignment the next time you’re in New York City!



Photographed by Caitlin Patton and Marina Mitkus