5 Can't-Miss Spots in Charleston, South Carolina

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I bet you thought I forgot about this blog post didn’t you! Well here it is. As a follow up to my 12 can’t-miss spots in Savannah blog post from the trip I took back in August, here are all of the spots in Charleston, South Carolina that you won’t want to miss when you visit. We were only in Charleston for about 48 hours and we still managed to pack in a lot of fun stuff. We stayed at the Francis Marion Hotel, which I’d highly recommend!

We flew into Savannah first and then took a Greyhound bus to Charleston which took about two hours in total. The cities are super close so if you’re interested in visiting one, make sure to stop by the other too! One spot that I didn’t get to include below since photos were not permitted in it was The Calhoun Mansion. If you’re into art and history, you’ll fall in love and it was well worth the admission price.

Rainbow Row

This was one of the things that made me first interested in visiting Charleston! The town has so many amazing historic buildings and there is one street of them in the downtown historic area that is painted a rainbow of colors! If you want to get a photo of Rainbow Row without cars and lots of other people around, I recommend getting there very early. As an alternative, Tradd Street that is right around the corner has some amazing colorful houses and way fewer people!


Boone Hall Plantation

I knew that going down south we were going to want to pack a good amount of historical sites into our schedule and going to see a plantation was definitely on the list. We ended up visiting Boone Hall, which was about a 30 minute Uber ride from the downtown area, where we had a super informative tour guide. While the plantation was beautiful we also got to see some of the darker parts of America’s history up close and personal like the houses where slaves who worked on the planation lived. Overall, I’m really glad w went to check it out.


Miller’s All Day

I absolutely loved this restaurant. From the cute vintage decor to the awesome sandwich and beer I had it’s the perfect place to perch for a quick meal. If you’re on-the-go, make sure you swing by the coffee counter to grab a cold brew before you head out for the day. It’s located on King Street so it’s the perfect place to stop in if you’re doing a bit of shopping in the area.


Glazed Donuts

This place was adorable and had so many different flavors. I ultimately went for the raspberry donut which was delicious. We wanted a quick bite before heading to Boone Plantation on our last day in Charleston and this was the perfect grab and go breakfast.


Uptown Social

No trip would be complete without finding the local go-to spot for rooftops and frosé and we found both at Uptown Social. This is definitely a great spot to come for happy hour (where the frosé sadly is sadly not on the happy hour menu but pretty much the rest of the bar is!) and mingle with other guests or just come to chat with your friends. The atmosphere was gorgeous and we picked the perfect night to go.


Watch the vlog of our trip below to see what else we did in Charleston:

Have you been to Charleston? What did you do there?