6 Accessories That Everyone Wore To NYFW This Year


Hey all! I hope you're all doing well and enjoying watching fashion week unfold whether you're in the front row in NYC or streaming shows from another city. If you'd like to watch how I experienced fashion week, watch my vlog! We are approaching the finish line of this always-hectic week and wow, did I see some bomb fashion this year.

Over the last few years, street style has become just as sought-after as the clothing from the runways themselves and I couldn't help but notice the same accessories popping up on someone at every show. I only actually wore one of these items (the cat-eye sunnies have always been a favorite of mine) but I'm so excited to incorporate some of these other accessories into my wardrobe because now I can't stop thinking about them. Here are the six items that kept making appearances and some of my favorite styles of them to shop for yourself. 

1. Baker boy hats

This is probably the biggest and most noticeable accessory trend that I saw this year. And I am completely sold. I have one in my ASOS shopping cart as we speak. This hat is a fun alternative to a baseball cap or a floppy hat and feels like it screams "FASHION." I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this style more in the fall and winter. 

2. Tinted sunglasses

I like to think this was all because of NYLON's August subscriber cover of Broad City's Abbi and Ilana, but that may be a stretch. Either way, tinted sunnies were huge this season. Upside: you can keep them on at shows and it won't be so dark that you can't see and you'll still have an air of mystery about you. Downside: transparency and forgetting that people can see you staring at them.

3. Small clutches

I could never do this because my bag holds extra chargers, my vlogging camera, and occasionally snacks, but the small clutch definitely made a comeback this season. From jeweled to feathered to studded, these tiny bags stood out in a big way.

4. Sock boots

These boots cling to your ankle and calf with their sock-like top and were definitely popular this season. My favorite ways to style sock boots are with a mid-length skirt or with cropped jeans with frayed edges. I think the silhouette looks really nice on everybody and I don't expect the sock boot to go away anytime soon. 

5. Fanny packs

If I'm being honest, I've had mixed feelings about fanny packs over the years and for a while I believed that the only time a fanny pack should ever appear on a human person was at a music festival. But in the last few days I've had a change of heart. From the unique shapes to the different ways people are styling them, they were clearly a standout accessory. 

6. Cat-eye sunglasses

And last but not least, and probably my personal favorite, cat-eye sunglasses!  These came in so many bright frames and fun colors this year and it was awesome to see all of the different styles of them out on the streets. If you want to read more about the ones I'm wearing in this photo, check out my blog post all about the sunglasses I got from Amazon. 

What was your favorite street style accessory trend from this season?



Photograph above by Jake Drobner