12 Can't-Miss Spots in Savannah, Georgia


I can't believe it was just last week that I visited Savannah and Charleston! I love getting to make these city guides for you all because I have so much fun reliving my travels and sharing the best places to eat, drink, shop, sightsee, and more in different cities.

Savannah and Charleston were also both on my dream travel list for 2018 and I'm so happy to check a few more cities off of my list, and states 23 and 24 in my quest to visit all 50 states! TBD if I complete that bucket list goal (seriously, what am I supposed to do in North Dakota?) but for now I hope you enjoy reading on in some of my favorites spots in Georgia's oldest city, Savannah. If you want to watch the video of our trip, just scroll to the bottom of this post! 


Huey's restaurant on River Street boasts the best beignets in Savannah, and they were absolutely delicious. Don't forget to order the praline sauce for dipping!



One of Savannah's amazing vintage stores! I wish I'd had some time to dig through more of the gems I saw at Civvie's, but I did walk away with a vintage, silk floral print top that you'll see in many of the photos in this post. 


Jen's & Friends

Savannah has open container laws (woo!) so you can grab a beer to go and I discovered my new favorite beer (the Hoplin IPA from Southbound Brewery) at Jen's & Friends. This bar also makes fun drinks that incorporate candy, birthday cake, and more, so if that's your jam definitely order one of their extravagant drinks. 


Leopold's Ice Cream

Leopold's is famous in Savannah not just because the ice cream is delicious. The founder of Leopold's is also a Hollywood movie producer so you'll see lots of film posters decorating the walls of this ice cream parlor. 


Forsyth Park

If you want to chill out from a day of walking around, look no further than Forsyth Park. Be sure to take in the gorgeous view of the fountain and grab a seat on a bench near it. You might just have a saxophone player serenade you, like we did!


River Street

Take a walk along the Savannah River down on River Street. This street has tons of bars and shops back to back so it's a great place to hang out for a few hours. Don't forget to stop by the Georgia Queen ship to take a photo! 


SCAD Museum

If you walk around Savannah's Historic District you'll notice that many of the buildings are labeled with SCAD, denoting them as buildings that are part of Savannah's College of Art and Design. Check out the museum to see the work of some of these talented students and meet them too, since the whole staff is made up of students. 


The Olde Pink House

This was where we had my absolute favorite meal in Savannah. You'll especially enjoy The Olde Pink House if you like seafood because they have some great options. Plus, look at how cute it is! 


Little Duck Diner

Whether you come to Little Duck Diner for the chicken and waffles at breakfast time or their creative cocktails like a Lavender Bubble Bath Bellini around happy hour, this cute spot won't disappoint. 


Rainbow Row

Although it's not as big or iconic as the Rainbow Row in Charleston, Savannah's little strip of colors has its own charms too. Walk on this street when you're heading down to the river for a taste of the rainbow on your way. 


East + Up

This was my favorite store we popped into in Savannah. I wanted to buy literally everything I saw in East + Up. It was definitely more expensive than Civvie's but I think the pieces were so unique and cool. 


Soho South Café

From the adorable bar in the front, to the cute tables with mismatched chairs in the back, this place is winning at decor. Soho South Café also made amazing food, and I recommend ordering the grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup and a side of mac and cheese. It was delightful.


Also watch the video of our trip here:

Do you have a favorite spot in Savannah? Let me know in the comments!