My First Amazon Fashion Purchases


Hey everyone, I hope you're having a lovely week so far! So about two weeks ago I was looking at my sunglasses collection and thinking that it could use a bit of an update. I ended up de-cluttering my collection and getting rid of seven pairs (go me!) that I don't really wear a lot anymore and that left me wanting to replenish the supply.

In case you're worried I disposed of a bunch of nice sunglasses, cheap sunglasses are kind of my thing. I would love to own a pair of designer sunnies in theory but the reality is my sunglasses always end up at the bottom of my bag getting scratched, and I play with different styles so much I haven't found one that I truly wanted to invest in. Basically, I can't have nice things.


So anyway, once I decided I wanted more sunglasses I was trying to figure out where I wanted to get them from. Forever 21 and Topshop seemed like promising options, but I didn't want to order online and wait for 5-9 days for it to ship and the sunglasses I found in the stores weren't the ones that I'd seen online. Oh, the struggle. Then I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a blogger I follow wearing these really cute sunglasses and when I tapped the photo to see where they came from I was shocked that the tag said she got them from Amazon Fashion.

Guys, why didn't I think of this earlier??? I have Amazon Prime which means two-day shipping, and there are so many cute options for really reasonable prices. These three pairs cost under $30 which is amazing, and I love all of them. I may not have been a polka-dot cat-eye sunglasses kind of girl before, but I sure am now. Amazon has definitely been working on stepping up their fashion game, and I'm excited to see what they do next! 

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Have you guys bought anything from Amazon Fashion yet?