The Case For Teeny, Tiny Bags


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If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that in my sartorial life I typically like to be as hands-free as possible, which is why when I was first introduced to the crossbody bag I fell for it hard and fast. As the crossbody quickly became by go-to handbag style, I found myself putting blinders on to other bag contenders for my wardrobe. What can I say—I guess I’m a monogamist at heart. But since I’ve been on somewhat of a self-inflicted shopping hiatus (trying to save money and all) I’ve decided to take a deep dive into my closet, re-shuffle my wardrobe, and assess what I have and want to hold on to and what will get donated or sold on my Poshmark

This started two weekends ago when I went home to New Jersey for a few days and ended up cleaning out a bit of my closet. I accumulated two bags to be donated to charity (yay!) but I also re-discovered a few gems that didn’t come with me when I first made the move to the city including this and another tiny bag that belonged to my grandmother. 

My grandma is one of my style icons and I remember being fascinated hearing stories of her working in a factory in the Garment District growing up distinctly even though I didn’t truly unlock my passion for fashion (sorry for the rhyme!) until I was in high school. Anyway this silver, shimmery purse and another bag—white and beaded with a delicate gold strap—were both hiding in my closet in NJ and when I stumbled across them they immediately went into my backpack to bring back to the city. Both bags are much more dainty than I am used to, since my bags often get flung on my bed when I get home from a long day or put on top of café tables in NYC of questionable cleanliness, so I made myself a promise that I’d take care of these two especially should I dare to wear them out in public. 

Like I said, I’m already in favor of carrying as little as possible at a time, so I don’t really have to change what I take with me in a bag, but I have to get used to the fact that I have to have the bag either in my hand or the crook of my arm instead of slung over my shoulder. However I’m willing to make that sacrifice for fashion, as I’ve made many times before with shoes that rub my feet the wrong way, jackets that are too heavy to wear out between May and August but that complete an outfit, and bras with underwire that pokes you all day long. 

Photographs by Francesca Gariano

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