Ruffles Shopping Guide


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Ruffles may be one of the few trends that outlives the typical trend lifespan. Whether its a subtle extra flounce at the bottom of your skirt or if your shirt is covered in layers of them, ruffles will always be a way to add volume and depth to any outfit. What I love about ruffles is that it takes proportion to a whole new level and inherently makes a piece of clothing appear more interesting to the eye. While many designers are currently trying to master the art of ruffles, what works out even better for us is that there are so many options available on the high street. From Nasty Gal, to Mango, to ASOS feel free to browse below for my current ruffle obsessions and see what they can bring to your closet. 

Whether you choose to wear them for a day out or for a special occasion these details can make any outfit feel extraordinary. Here I pair an Azulu official top with H&M shorts for a more laid-back look that is perfect for a summery NYC day. If you choose to style a top like this with a skirt and throw on some dressier heels you'll have even more room to take your look from day to night.

Photographed by Jessie Alcheh | Follow Jessie on Instagram