21 Satin Midi Skirts To Make Dressing For Transitional Weather Easy


In official late summer fashion news, the satin midi skirt has officially taken over New York City. And everywhere else, also. This item of clothing has absolutely exploded over the last few months and they have seriously taken over. There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to posting photos of leopard midi skirts that has over 7,000 followers now, so that’s where we’re at people. And you know what? I’m not mad about it. Many of these skirts come with delightful and never too high slits in them which makes them breathable even in the stifling NYC heat, and you can wear a pair of nude bike shorts or Spanx underneath them to ensure total comfort and not have to worry about walking over a subway grate or just being generally clumsy (sorry, that’s just me).

So now that we have all succumbed to the delight that is the satin midi skirt, I wanted to round up a few of my favorites to show you call this season. I even went as far as to create a companion video to this blog post on my IGTV where I’ll show you a daytime and evening look for each of the three satin midi skirts I own. Who wants to start placing bets on how many I’ll have by the time I hit publish on this blog post?

Photographed by Erin Kean

What’s your favorite way to style a satin midi skirt?