What To Know About Glossier's Milky Jelly Mini and New Face Mist

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As we in the beauty world know, Glossier tends to roll out new products every 4-6 weeks, and since the debut of Lash Slick in early May, we were due for another soon. But what the brand has done instead of coming out with something brand new is making adjustments and additions to some of their already popular products. First up was introducing two more shades to their Cloud Paint range (Storm, a deep burgundy and Dawn a vibrant orange) of cream blushes that are packaged in tiny paint tubes. Next was making over two of their oldest products: the Soothing Face Mist and the Milky Jelly cleanser. Let's get into what has changed.  

Milky Jelly Cleanser Mini, $9

It's safe to say that if I could only choose one product of Glossier's to keep in my beauty collection it would be this one. I'm obsessed with the texture and the way this product gets all of the makeup off my skin. Since I went to Thailand and learned how to pack my whole life in a carry-on it was the one thing I was hardcore missing from my bag because it was too big to bring on board. The mini version however, is the same formula we know and love but in a baby travel size bottle! You can bring 2 fl oz of Milky Jelly Cleanser with you now wherever you choose travel. 

Soothing Face Mist, $15

If you read my massive Glossier guide of what I love and what I can live without from the entire range of products, you'll notice that I had mentioned I didn't own their face mist. Was it because I was having an ongoing love affair with Mario Badescu's face mist? Well, partially, yes. But there was something that felt off to me about their original mist, which their website says was reformulated on July 11, 2018. When you squirted it it came out in a rather aggressive stream, but they have now managed to revamp the pump so that it sprays out a finer mist. They've also decreased the size and revamped the packaging to make it 3.2 fl oz, which means like the new Milky Jelly Mini, you can also throw it in your carry-on. 

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