I'd Like To Wear This Outfit Every Day For The Rest of Summer


There are some outfits that I spend a long time agonizing over putting together that always end up feeling slightly forced or not fully me. If I'm not comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing, it totally throws off my whole day. Confession: once when I was working at NYLON I asked the shop if I could borrow samples to wear that day because I got to work and felt so off about my outfit and couldn't focus on anything else. (Thankfully my shop friends hooked it up.) It just goes to show that when you find an outfit that works, really works, you have to memorize the formula of it and identify the parts of it that make it so great so you can repeat it over and over again. 

I recently visited the new Primark store here in Brooklyn and my eye was immediately drawn to this beautiful lavender blazer. Something about the cut and color really spoke to me and I when I tried it on, it just felt perfect. Since it was such a structured look, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple and denim shorts felt like the solution. I paired them with a black camisole top and a belt and sunnies to give the outfit more personality and slid on my go-to summer sandals to complete the look. 

Photographs by Sarah Ratner | Follow Sarah on Instagram

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If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of summer, what would it be?