6 Amazing Finds to Transform Your Dorm Room Into a Style Studio

Hello lovely readers! Happy July! I hope you're all off to your Fourth of July destinations and that you have an awesome weekend. As strange as it is, summer is flying by and there are only a few weeks left before school starts again. Even as a rising senior, I am always looking for new ways to decorate my dorm room. For this post, I've partnered with Her Campus and Pottery Barn Dorm to gather some of my favorite pieces from Pottery Barn Dorm that you can use to take your dorm room to the next level. Since this is a super fancy fashion blog, I decided to focus on the pieces that will help you organize your clothes, store your accessories and makeup and plan outfits for any occasion.

An extremely handy solution, especially if your dorm gave you minimal drawer space. These hanging cubes keep everything neat and tidy so when you open your closet you're not faced with clothes constantly sliding off of the hangers.

Possibly the best thing ever invented especially if your pairs get separated often, like me. This simple solution keeps shoes at eye level so you can better plan outfits!

I love the patterns that these storage boxes come in! Throw all of your hats and scarves in one and stock up on flip flops and sunnies in another so that random accessories aren't clogging your closets in the off-seasons.

This jewelry hanger is a great way to save space by keeping jewelry off your dresser and on the wall. Plus, one can never have too many mirrors for #selfies, am I right?

If there's one thing of mine that's always messy it's my makeup because it's usually thrown into a bag where I can't see what I'm looking for. Here's the perfect solution: it's adorable and takes up minimal desk space.

Perfect for dorms where you can't hammer nails into the wall, these no-nail pin boards are ideal for planning outfits! Take pictures of outfits you love or make lists of items that you can style multiple ways to save time in the mornings. (And shout out to that cute Columbia flag in this picture! #golions)

Remember to check out Pottery Barn Dorm for more dorm inspiration and cool products! It's never too early to get a head start on your #BTS shopping.



This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pottery Barn Dorm and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.