Jumpsuit And Romper Shopping Guide

Hey everyone! I hope your week is off to a great start. So recently I was procrastinating by scrolling through pages and pages of jumpsuits and rompers (as one does) and I happened upon this romper from Tobi and instantly fell in love. Tobias rompers tend to be short on me, so the fact that this one has a dress-like fabric trailing behind it made me sure that it would be a perfect fit. I love this for summer because its so different from anything else and its still super lightweight so you don't feel bogged down by all of the fabric. This got me thinking about how hard it can be to shop for jumpsuits and rompers, so I've gone through my favorite sites and selected some ones for you that I think are really awesome! I hope this guide helps you find something that you love, just like I did!




Photographed by Sarah Ratner | Follow Sarah on Instagram

Shop this look below:

Did you have a favorite romper or jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments! x