7 Summer Fashion Items I Legit Can't Stop Wearing


I like to treat summer fashion the same way that Sarah Dessen likes to treat summer romances. Like hot, fiery flings whose flame you hope will power you through the fall to the end of the year, but who you wouldn’t necessarily hold it against them if things don’t work out. And yet, this summer I feel attached to these items in a way I haven’t been with previous years. Almost as though they’ll stick around for a while. This is also the time where summer sales are heating up, like the Zara sale and the Topshop store closing sale, so it’s a great time to get your hands on some bargains. Case in point: everything you’ll find listed below I got for less than $50. There’s nothing sweeter than that, except maybe for a cotton candy sunset over the NYC skyline. Read on to learn about the seven things (Miley Cyrus voice “shah!”) that I am loving this season.

1.This eyelet top

ASOS always kills it when it comes to slightly trendy yet “still low-key enough to qualify as a basic” kind of pieces and this eyelet top is no exception. Pair it with denim cutoffs for daytime and with your favorite maxi skirt for an evening out.

2. NEON green (of all things!)

When I saw this ruffled crop top in Zara I thought “there’s no way…or is there?” As soon as I put it on I was hooked. It’s also on sale right now for under $10. What are you waiting for?

3. Every beaded barrette in the world

It’s no surprise that beaded barrettes are taking over the Internet, but this four-pack from ASOS is definitely where you’ll get the most bang of your buck. If you liked my blue clips the best you can find them here. And I can’t forget about the ivory acrylic clips from Free People. Oh, and the sparkly ones.

4. Nude strappy sandals

ICYMI, it’s the summer of the strappy sandal. This exact pair from Topshop seems to be hiding from the website, but these are super similar. Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt to spice up your after work outfit or with a long, flowy dress for a summer party.

5. this actually perfect summer lwd

In case you missed me gushing over this frock on The Today Show, let me sing its praises one more time. It’s $40. It’s got ruffles. It cinches at the waist. It’s linen. It’s perfection. Thank you Zara for bestowing this perfect dress upon us this summer.

6. This bracelet bag from american eagle (???!!!)

Seriously since when did American Eagle start making bracelet bags?? I am obsessed with this one. It’s the perfect size for fitting in my phone, vlogging camera, backup battery, etc., not to mention it has a strap to transform it into a crossbody, which is all I ever want in a bag.

7. plaid linen pants from mango

I’ve been looking for the perfect linen summer pants and I found them back in March in the dressing room at Mango. These pants are not only super comfy with a flattering, straight-leg cut, but they immediately add interest to any outfit and they pair perfectly with a black tee or tank. Instant summer outfit, with minimal thought required.

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