Every Summer Closet Needs This Forever 21 Jumpsuit


Summer dressing should be easy. When the heat kicks in, few other things matter when it comes to style. Every once in a while I get the itch to layer my summer clothing like I'm going to a music festival and everything I layer on top of my base ends up getting stripped off the moment I leave my apartment. And since simplicity is key, design and fit are more important than in any other season. That's why when you find a piece that checks all of those boxes, you have to bring it home with you. 

For some reason each summer, I find that one item at Forever 21 (last summer it was that amazing off-the-shoulder dress) that I am so glad I stumbled across and sometimes can't believe that I found amongst all of the chaos. This year I saw this jumpsuit hanging in the store and when I tried it on it fit perfectly. Plus it was $38 which is not too bad for the perfect summer jumpsuit. I don't have any jumpsuits in such a graphic pattern and I love how I look in it. 

Photographed by Stacey White

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What's your favorite summer piece to wear?