An Easy Weekend Getaway From NYC


As I think many of you know by now, I am absolutely in love with New York City. It’s the place I’ve always dreamed of moving to and the place I’m grateful to wake up in each and every day. But every few months, I start to feel that slightly antsy sensation that can only be resolved by going on a little adventure outside of the five boroughs. And the best part? You don’t even have to go too far to feel like you’ve traveled to an entirely different place. So I recruited my mom for a little mid-week getaway (thank you flexible schedules!) somewhere I hadn’t been before and she was happy to come along for a little adventure. If you’re wondering how to plan a weekend getaway from NYC, you’re going to want to stick around for this.

Although Port Authority, Penn Station, and Grand Central are some of the most chaotic places I can think of in Manhattan (especially during rush hour), at least you can take satisfaction in knowing that there is a calm after the storm. There are so many destinations that are easily accessible by bus or train from Manhattan, like Nyack, New York. This village in Rockland County is only about an hour and a half trip from midtown and would make for a great weekend getaway. If you’re looking for a great place to stay while you’re there, look no further than The Time Hotel.

The Time Nyack is just a short distance from Main Street in Nyack, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, jazz bars, and ice creameries that are perfect for exploring. Even if you took public transportation up to Nyack, you’ll be able to walk or Uber to the main area of the town in 15-20 minutes. The hotel itself is a converted factory that has an industrial and modern feel to its decor, with quirky design elements like Persian-inspired rugs and eye-catching wallpaper. One thing to note is that along with the industrial theme, the bathroom has a large sliding door that leaves a bit of space on the top and bottom, so there isn’t as much privacy as there would be with a normal door.

You won’t have to far for a great meal since BV’s Grill is located to the left of guest services in the lobby. Whether you stop in for a glass of wine before dinner or choose to hang around all night, you can choose from a menu of American classics that are sure to please. I should also mention that The Time has an outdoor pool area and a rooftop bar, although the weather had other plans during our stay so we weren’t able to experience it firsthand. I’d definitely like to check it out in the future.  

As soon as I posted on my Instagram stories that I was in Nyack, I was surprised at the number of DM’s I got from all of you with recommendations and things to do! After a Flower Power IPA (me) and a glass of Pinot Grigio (mom) at BV’s Grill, we ended up at Prohibition River for dinner where we ate grilled cheese with tomato bisque served in shot glasses. We also enjoyed our entrees and our craft beers before heading back to The Time to watch Legally Blonde in our room. Can you think of a more ideal night?

The next morning we headed to another one of your recommendations called Art Cafe for some no-nonsense coffee and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. If we’d had more time I would have loved to visit the Edward Hopper House built in 1858 by his grandfather where he lived until 1910. Check out the website to see what exhibitions they may have on while you’re in town.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and more plan-y than simply hopping on a bus or train, you can also rent a car and drive up to other upstate locations (head to Beacon and visit the Dia:Beacon museum or go get yourself a cold brew at Peekskill Brewery) or even further to Rhode Island or Connecticut. Vermont and New Hampshire are two states I haven’t visited yet and I feel like a long summer weekend up on a lake would be such a fun thing to do if you get a group of friends together, especially if you’re able to take advantage of summer Fridays at your office. If you do stay at a hotel though, definitely find one that is like The Time! The staff was very friendly and super willing to make our stay as smooth and seamless as possible (a maid even let us go ahead of her in the elevator because she had so much stuff with her!) Those little things really make a place stand out for me when I’m choosing a place to stay.

Do you have any suggestions for summer escapes from NYC? Let me know in the comments!



Thank you to The Time Nyack for having us! All opinions are my own.