5 Beauty Swaps To Make In Your Makeup Bag This Summer

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I still remember how nervous I was writing my first beauty post for this site and look how far we’ve come now! It is officially warm here in NYC and I think I speak for every person in all five boroughs when I say a very loud and very passionate “THANK GOODNESS.” While it’s true that summers here are glorious—click here for a list of things to do if you’re lucky enough to be spending a summer in NYC—they can also be very humid, which means there’s a good chance that I will be a Sweaty Betty until about mid-September. If you’re hoping to avoid your makeup melting off this season or if you’re generally looking for ways to appear dewy AF, you might want to consider making the following swaps in your makeup routine.

Instead of your: Foundation brush

Why not try: A beauty sponge

Brushes give skin that super polished finish, but for the summer months, you’ll definitely get more radiant-looking skin with the finish of a beauty sponge. Take your pick from various sizes of these sponges and bounce the product on to your skin for a lightweight and dewy finish.

I recommend:

Instead of your: Full-coverage base

Why not try: Tinted moisturizer

Our skin problems tend to reveal themselves in super hot or super cold temperatures, so rather than layering on your normal matte foundation, go for something that will be a little kinder to your skin. A tinted moisturizer is perfect because it will even out any discoloration and cover spots without making your skin feel too “covered up.”

I recommend:

Instead of your: Powder highlighter

Why not try: Cream highlighter

Powder highlighters are beautiful but for a more subtle and dewy look, cream shadows are where it’s at. You can use them to create a light sheen or layer them on at night for a build able and more noticeable shine.

I recommend:

Instead of your: Brow pencil

Why not try: Brow gel

As fun as it can be to get that perfect brow arch using a pencil, a spoolie, a brush, a dip product…who really has the time? Especially if you might sweat it all off in a few hours 😂. Go for a tinted brow gel that will make doing your brows as easy as sweeping the product through them a few times.

I recommend:

Instead of your: Matte lipstick

Why not try: Lip balm

As much as I love and appreciate a bold, matte lip moment, in the summer months that is probably the last thing you want to worry about touching up. If you want to lighten up your pout without going totally bare, look for a tinted lip balm that can carry you through the warmer months.

I recommend:

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I hope you found this useful! What other products do you break out in the summer months?