My Obsession With Red Accessories is Here to Stay


In February when I attended New York Fashion Week, I wore a head-to-toe outfit in a bright red, almost orange color palette and someone asked to take my picture. That person was not a street style photographer but someone working inside the tents at Spring Studios who was looking at street style to predict upcoming trends. I thought she was going to tell me the trend was monochrome dressing which I'd seen a lot of over the course of the week, but it turns out the trend was actually red. Not burgundy, or a more muted version but bright, vibrant red. Red is actually my favorite color (my bedroom has quite a lot of the color in it) which I know some people can find to be too much but for me it just sort of gives me an energy burst. When I first moved to New York the majority of my closet was black but I've since managed to not just add in more color but also to embrace it. The look I wore during fashion week is still probably a bit much for me for everyday, but there are elements of it I can take with me and wear day-to-day, like accessories. 

I bought these red mules last summer and they've truly been a game-changer. When the rest of my outfit is having a more laid-back moment, I find myself reaching for these to add a little bit of punch to a look. The same goes for this handbag. I'd been looking for a dupe of the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag for a while now (haven't been able to bring myself to drop mad $$$ on handbags just yet) and when I saw this one in Mango it checked all of the boxes for me. It's not surprising to me that red has become such a big trend, especially because it looks so good in photos, but I'm glad that everyone is now embracing it. If you're scared of color, accessories are a great place to start and test the waters, especially because you can find some really affordable ones.

Photographs by Stacey White

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