How To Style a White Blazer


I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself here...but I believe I've already made my favorite purchase of the summer. Before we get into my new favorite item in my wardrobe, let's talk about this outfit overall. I swear, a year ago this is not an outfit I would have worn on this blog or IRL. The thought of trousers and blazers just felt blah to me and wearing them together immediately made me think of people with boring corporate jobs. But I owe it to some of my favorite bloggers (namely Emma Hill and Erika Fox) for constantly making blazers look sleek and polished, yes, but also really effing cool. The beauty of 2018 is that now instead of just having a few options for professional clothing, women now have endless places that they can look for workwear. In a recent post, I talked about my summer workwear essentials and identified the lightweight blazer as a key player in the mix. But I am now starting to wonder how I have lived my life to this point without a white blazer. The fabric of this one from New Look is a textured ponte, which I love because it is stretchy and feels less serious than one done in a more sturdy, woven fabric. 

When it comes to putting together an outfit with a white blazer, the possibilities are honestly endless. Think of it as the summer solution to a leather jacket. It's a neutral color so it can go with anything, and it's there to provide another layer to your outfit. It would look just as amazing with jeans and a band tee as it would with a midi skirt and a silky camisole. For this look, I wanted to do an Austen take on the traditional suit. I paired these gingham trousers from Zara (similar here) with a gingham smocked crop top I picked up at the LF sale last summer to give the illusion of a matching suit. The blazer thrown over a more casual top elevates the look and makes it feel more sophisticated, while my white Adidas superstars keep the look casual. Throw in a little white purse and some black cat-eye sunglasses and you're good to go! 

Photographed by Nora Jaquemet

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