First-Ever Video!

Hey everyone! So this is an exciting moment for Keep Calm and Chiffon because this post features my first-ever video! Yay! Thank you guys for encouraging me to do this and to expand my blogging in such a cool new way. Since I always get questions about my internships, I thought I'd do a little experiment this summer and launch a series where I fill you guys in on what I do at my internship at! I hope to soon work out kinks such as video editing and lighting and all of that jazz but I'm sure that will come together more by trial and error. Here's a recap of the first two weeks, hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow Cosmo's new Fashion and Beauty page and my fellow intern Kelsey. P.S. Hope you like the awesome still frame of the video as much as I do.

Outfit Details: Top, LF, Necklace: Free People, Silver Cuff: Forever 21 (similar), Snake Cuff: Gypsy Warrior



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