24 Summer Dresses Under $50 To Shop Right Now

IMG_9791 copy.jpg

And just like that another summer has snuck up on us. I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend (or MDW as it is affectionately called on social media) and that you feel like you can officially dive into full-on Summer Mode. Whether you are renting a house down the shore, traveling to a new destination, or attending a gathering with friends, there will always be some kind of need for a new dress and the only thing better than finding that perfect summer dress is finding it without handing over your entire last paycheck.

A few things that I always look for in a summer dress include: a fun pattern, ruffle details, puffed sleeves, breathable fabrics, vibrant colors, floral prints, spaghetti straps and of course, wearability. Here is an assortment of 24 affordable dress options for summer 2019 that encompass many of the things I listed above. You can wear them to your local bar, on a lunch date with your mom, or out to run errands on a Sunday afternoon in your neighborhood because even dropping off a package at the post office can be a fashion moment if you really believe it can be.

Photo by Stacey White

What’s your favorite place to shop for affordable summer fashion?