Summer Workwear Essentials


On the first official warm day of the season in New York (about three weeks ago, give or take) I stood in my room in a slight panic as I tried to get dressed for work. It wasn't necessarily that I had nothing to wear, but it suddenly felt like nothing in my wardrobe was right for going to work in the summer. Every summer I have to re-evaluate my wardrobe because shorts that fit perfectly last summer may be too tight or too loose 10 months later or I stumble upon a dress that I want to wear only to realize it has one too many cutouts that deem it not the most appropriate thing to wear to work.

I work in a creative office with a fairly relaxed dress code, but even still I like to look nice when I show up to work. You never know if you'll end up getting asked to interview someone or if a friend who also works in the industry is in town and wants to grab a coffee by your office, so in my opinion its always better to dress more up than down. I've done a bit of shopping since that morning and many of you have messaged me on Instagram asking for a post like this, so I hope this will help you build out your summer work wardrobe and give you a bit of outfit inspiration. 

1. Blazers in Light Fabrics

I know this is a pretty obvious one but you really can't go wrong with a great blazer. I found this one from New Look on ASOS and it's a white textured ponte fabric. It's super lightweight but you'll be thankful you have it on when that AC hits in your office. 

2. Square Neck Top

This is my official favorite top silhouette of the summer. I am full-on obsessed and bought two recently (a red one that is more cropped and this black one) and I feel like it's just such a cute style. If you're looking to add some new basics to your wardrobe consider throwing in a new top with this neckline. Try them on first to make sure they'll suit your work dress code. 

3. A-Line Skirt

I have truly forgotten how fantastic A-Line skirts are until very recently when I picked this one up. I feel like its a style that looks great on everyone and there are so many ways you can style it. Picture throwing a cropped sweater over it on a chillier day or tucking in the front of a flowy blouse to look like a career girl who also has a carefree spirit...not to mention that flattering waist line. 

4. Flat Mules 

As you guys know, I love a good pair of mules and I can't believe my wardrobe has gone this long without a pair of black ones. These were only $29 on ASOS but they also have some more expensive styles if you picture this being your go-to shoe of the summer and want to invest. The flat style is so comfy but is a step up from trainers in your office. 

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What is one of your summer workwear essentials?