NYC Neighborhood Guide: Nolita


I'm back with another NYC neighborhood guide for you! Want to know what to do in Nolita? Nolita is one of those neighborhoods thay definitely has its own personality but it can be hard to decide where its boundaries lie. For example, while writing this post I had to constantly check the suggestions I was thinking of to make sure they weren't secretly part of Soho or the Lower East Side. Anyway, everyone has their own interpretations of where neighborhoods begin and end and for all we know one side of the sidewalk could be Greenwich Village and the other could be deemed TriBeCa. So since we'll never really know, let's jump into some of my favorite places in what I consider to be Nolita.



Yours Truly

I am so glad I finally checked out this gem of a coffee shop. You know when you just want something simple and want it done well? That’s Yours Truly. There are a couple of tables and a window bench and there’s always somehow, somewhere for me to plop down. Or, take your cold brew on the go and walk around the charming streets of Nolita.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

If you aren’t enticed by the cute neon sign or the murals that decorate the exterior of this adorable bakery and cafe, you’ll definitely be swayed by the delicious goodies that await you. From full-on cakes to hot apple cider, this place will satisfy every one of the urges your sweet tooth has.

Sant Ambroeus

Although one can get Sant Ambroeus coffee just about anywhere on the island of Manhattan, I’ve decided to include this particular location. You can pop in and grab a cup of Joe in their signature peach cups or you can stay for a while and treat yourself to brunch. Pretty much everything is delicious, so it will be hard to go wrong.



Pietro Nolita

You may know this establishment as the pink restaurant that everyone poses in front of on Instagram. But I have to give credit where credit is due—Pietro Nolita is delicious. My recommendation? Order the Nolitarita, a slightly spicy spin on the traditional marg and the spaghetti with burrata. If you want to avoid crowds, I’d suggest popping in for lunch.


In the chaos of downtown Manhattan, Ruby’s is one of those places that makes you feel like you’re a step removed from all of the noise. The plates vary from shrimp and avocado salads to pesto pasta to yummy burgers and all of them feel like there was real thought put into them.

Fiat Cafe

If you want a cute fast casual spot to indulge in Italian food, look no further than Fiat Cafe. This tiny establishment has a Fiat theme to it, and pictures of the iconic car cover the walls. Definitely try to cash in on their lunch special if you can—everything from penne to ravioli awaits you there.

La Esquina

This popular spot (which literally translates to “the corner”) rests at the crossroads of Cleveland Place and Kenmare Street. It’s known for its tacos which you can eat outside on a nice day. Want more than just that? Come back around happy hour and venture into the back of the restaurant to uncover the speakeasy and plant yourself there for as long as you’d like.


For me, Tacombi is an always reliable and always delicious spot. The space is large and the walls are painted. Come here and stay a while while you indulge in tacos and tequila. Mark what you want on the paper menu but don’t be afraid to order more. The good vibes in this place will definitely have you clamoring for a second round of pretty much everything.



Sézane L’Appartement

If you’re looking for a shopping experience that goes beyond just shopping, pop into Sézane. You can enjoy a coffee on their couches, or wander around and check out their clothing, home decor, stationary and beauty products.


If your olfactory senses are tingling, it’s probably because you walked within a 500 square foot radius of this French store. diptyque specializes in fragrances that you can buy in different forms like eau du parfum as well as candles. I bought my Baies candle for myself for my 22 birthday and absolutely loved it.

Mulberry Iconic

If you love magazines, you have to pop in to Mulberry Iconic. This local shop carries pretty much every magazine in the world in lots of international editions. So if you find yourself wanting the latest issue of Vogue Japan or something, this is the place to get it. Spend a while flipping through pages of your favorite pubs and getting lost in glossy editorials.

Only Hearts

I first discovered Only Hearts as a brand when I was working at Free People because I remember our location carried a few of their pieces. Their lingerie is so beautiful—each piece is delicate but playful and there are so many silhouettes and styles to browse.



Milk Bar

If you have a sweet tooth, you must stop by this NYC classic. Milk Bar is known for so many amazing things, from its trademark Cereal Milk flavor of ice cream (get it with the crunch on top!!!) to its birthday flavored truffles to its out of this world cakes. This location is a little to go window so plan to stop by on a sunny day and take your treats with you.


I am a little too excited that Oddfellows decided to open up a location on Houston Street! I know, I live in Williamsburg and they do have a location there, but I just like also having one near my office, okay? Grab yourself a cup of one of their yummy flavors and stay a while to enjoy the old school ice cream parlor-inspired decor.

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

If you want to take Milk Bar’s concept up a notch, you should wander over to Milk & Cream Cereal Bar. You can mix in one flavor of cereal and top off your ice cream with a totally different type. Not to mention the usual works like sprinkles, gummy bears, M&Ms, hot fudge, and more. Yeah, we think you’ll like this place a lot.

Vive la Crêpe

I happily stumbled across this place one day while I was too early to meet a friend for drinks and I was so glad I did! Vive la Crêpe offers both sweet and savory options so you can opt for some strawberry, banana, Nutella action or go for ham, melted cheese and some greens. Sounds like a win/win situation if you ask me!

What's your favorite spot in Nolita?