Four Essential Accessories For Spring

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start! Despite some occasional overcast days, spring is officially here. I'm always hesitant to shop for "spring" clothing because I feel like spring is the least reliable season. It lasts for a different amount of time every year and it always ends up being either too hot or too cold. In my eyes, this is the perfect time to invest in accessories. They can carry you over into summer and you can still get a ton of wear out of them on the slightly cooler days. Lately, you'll almost never catch me without one of the four items below, but for this outfit I'm wearing all of them! 

1. Mirrored Sunglasses

I'll admit, I didn't love mirrored sunglasses when I first saw them, but now I'm totally obsessed. They're a great way to add a subtle color to an outfit without having invest in colorful pieces of clothing that you may not get as much wear out of. Plus, you can stare at people on the subway without them knowing, so that's always fun.

2. Layered Silver Necklace

I love a good layered necklace—there's something so satisfying about being able to elevate a simple T-shirt or dress with one accessory. I've had this one from Free People for just over a year and I find that it works with tons of different outfits. 

3. Western-Inspired Belt

You've probably seen these all over Instagram, and trust me they're worth the hype. Keep it sleek with black skinny jeans or change things up by belting a flowy dress. 

4. Classic Hi-Top Sneakers

It took me a total of three months to decide whether I wanted to buy the original Vans Old Skool sneakers or if I wanted to go for the hi-tops and I am so glad I settled on the hi-tops. They add a cool, skater-style feel to any look, not to mention they're super comfy. 

There you go! The core four. These accessories are no-fail and make every outfit more fun. 

Photographed by David Burstein | Follow David on Instagram

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What are your favorite spring accessories?