west coast

I'd only ever heard about L.A. through other people's stories. Through movie plot lines or song lyrics or anecdotes that come from people that I know and love. But to see parts of SoCal first hand (shout out to the Inland Empire) was pretty damn cool. Walking down Melrose, hiking up by the Hollywood sign and laying out on the beach were all on my to-do list, and all were accomplished. It was impressive to see a city that was not limited to a certain space by virtue of it being squished onto an island.  As someone who loves scenic driving, weaving in and out of the mountains was a breath of fresh air and even somehow freeway traffic was a nice change of pace from NYC gridlock. Don't get me wrong- I won't be changing coasts anytime soon, but I'm glad I finally got to see The City of Angels IRL and write a story of my own. In keeping with the tradition of not doing extensive shoots when I travel and enjoying the experiences as they happen, here are an assortment of photos from the trip. For more, follow me on Instagram and check out our hashtag #uptown2upland.

Photos by Céline, Kaitlin and me