Exciting Blog Updates


It's been a minute since I hopped onto the blog to share some news and updates with you about what exactly goes on in order to make this blog what it is. To give you a little bit of insight into how I plan my content each month I try to do two posts on each of my main categories: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and career, so sometimes once all of those are done and accounted for, there's not always room left over for a catch up style post. Of course if you want to follow along on a more day-to-day basis, you can always follow me on Instagram or check out my YouTube channel to see if I have any new vlogs. 

I have THREE major blog updates that I wanted to share with you all and they all have to do with consistency. Are you ready? The first is that all of my social media handles are now pretty much the same! I've changed my Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to @austentosone. I loved the Jane Austen pun (jane_aus10) but it's much, much easier to find me now and I'm lucky that I'm the only Austen Tosone in the world because none of the names were taken. 

The second thing I wanted to share is that there is now much more consistency on Keep Calm and Chiffon. One of the reasons I haven't had consistent posting dates up until this point is because I am only a part-time blogger and often my full-time job can get crazy at unexpected times. That's why up until now I hadn't yet figured out a system of how to stick to a schedule. Now, I've got a much better idea of it, but it may also mean that you'll be getting a bit of variety when it comes to posts. For example, I was trying to force a fashion blog post for today when all I really wanted to do was come on here and fill you in on these updates, so that's what I've decided to do. But I'm so excited to share that starting now (well, technically starting at the beginning of April because I wanted to test this for a month to make sure I could really do it!) you can expect new blog posts on Mondays and Fridays, new videos Wednesdays, and you can expect to receive my newsletter every Sunday.

And finally, you may notice that there are some updates to the nav bar at the top of the site. You can now browse by category (fashion, beauty, etc.) and the info about my blog (press, portfolio, contact and more) can found in the "About" tab. Boom! How's that for consistency?  

Also, I'm sure many of you have seen this already on Instagram or Twitter, but in case you didn't hear, I've just launched a weekly newsletter! Inside you can find a roundup of all of the latest blog posts and videos from the past week along with some fashion items I'm currently coveting and a little extra info from me about how my past week has gone. It's not perfect yet, but I'm looking forward to evolving it into something really amazing. You can sign up for it here.

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about these blog updates. When I started Keep Calm and Chiffon almost six years ago now, I never pictured that I'd still be doing it or that it'd become what it is. Each week and each month I learn a little bit more and my blog will pretty much always be changing as a result. I want to be as transparent as possible about all of these changes and updates because they're all to benefit you, my fabulous readers! That being said, please always leave your comments, or share posts with friends if you think they'd find them interesting or helpful, and always feel free to reach out if there's something you'd like to see more of. 



Photograph above by Sarah Ratner