Gingham Shopping Guide


Last spring when gingham popped up out of nowhere, I recall rolling my eyes in a rather dramatic fashion. It's like the Miranda Priestly quote from The Devil Wears Prada but for the spring season. To me there was nothing "groundbreaking" about a print that reminded me of The Wizard of Oz, a film made in 1939. Gingham first appeared on my radar about this time last year when my roommate came back with her bag of goodies from the bi-annual LF sale. In her haul was a gingham ruffled skirt that for some inexplicable reason I was immediately drawn to. I bought it the next day and have been slowly and surely expanding my collection of the beloved fabric ever since. I have it in tube top form, in skirt form, in dress form, and most recently, in trouser form.

I love these cotton pants from Zara so much (similar linked below) that I recently went out and bought a handful of others in similar patterns and fabric in an attempt to give my wardrobe a comfy yet professional twist. Some people look at gingham and immediately go to picnic table, and I don't blame them. But there are so many creative ways to let gingham do it's thing, and I wanted to share my favorite takes on this classic fabric here today. To check out my other shopping guides, click here

Photographed by Sarah Ratner | Follow Sarah on Instagram

What's your favorite way to wear gingham?