into the harem

There's something sort of terrifying about buying white pants. I feel like they're just asking to be permanently stained with ketchup or chocolate or (insert food of choice here). But for real you guys, I couldn't resist these. They're the most comfortable thing in the entire world and the pattern makes perfect sense. Essentially weightless, these pants have been my go-to ever since I brought them home from work and they pair with the weather so well. I feel like they're perfect for a long walk on the beach in a bathing suit, but I prefer to dress them up and let them shine on the streets of Manhattan. It makes me happy to have another alternative to denim cutoffs and other seasonal staples. 

Photos by Alison Printz

Outfit Details: Top: Frenchi (similar), Pants: Free People, Necklace: Free People, Boots: Hinge (similar), Sunglasses: Forever 21. Arm Cuff: Gypsy Warrior (similar)