Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's Lidstar


It has become an ongoing series on this blog to document my love of Glossier. I’ve shared the story of how the brand has transformed my skincare routine, I’ve compiled a massive guide of all of the Glossier products I’ve tried and assessed which ones were products I simply couldn’t live without, and I’ve spotlighted new products as they debuted, from Body Hero to Solution. Last night, the brand announced that today would be the day that they unveiled their first-ever eyeshadow, Lidstar. Yours truly scurried on over to the Glossier showroom on Lafayette street to pick up the iridescent shade today and see what all of the fuss was about. Here’s what I know so far.


The Unveiling

If you remember last year when Glossier unveiled their cream blush, Cloud Paint, it appeared on the faces of celebs at the 2017 Oscars before it was officially released in their NYC showroom and online. This year, the brand employed a similar tactic. Last night, celebrities at the Oscars like Taraji P. Henson and Tracee Ellis Ross wore Lidstar on the red carpet. But before they did that, on January 28th Beyoncé wore the product first to the 2018 Grammy’s in New York and the brand teased the product with an Instagram photo of Bey captioned “Beyoncé wears _____ in _____ (coming soon).” This caption was accompanied with the eyes emoji, leading fans of the brand to guess that it highly likely that Glossier would be releasing an eyeshadow as their next new launch.

The Packaging

Like most Glossier products, their eyeshadow will come in a pink and white cardboard box. Lidstar itself comes in a test-tube like container that has a screw top with a thick brush applicator on the end. I still stand by my belief that Cloud Paint is the best packaging that Glossier has debuted to date (even though it’s not personally my favorite product), but I can see beauty bloggers and fans of the brand stacking these glittery vials amongst their other favorite products.


The Product

Although it is technically an eyeshadow, Lidstar aims to give you “less shadow, more glow.” The Glossier site describes the product as “a wash of twinkling color” and they recommend mixing two shades, one for the inner corners and another for the outer, to achieve a full eye look. They are sold individually for $18 or two for $30. There are six shades to choose from: Moon (champagne glow), Slip (ballet pink), Lily (iridescent purple), Cub (rose gold), Herb (earth green), and Fawn (bronze-y taupe).

The Verdict

I ended up liking this product more than I expected to! It really is a sheen of color (if you're looking for intense, glittery pigment, this isn't it), but it's buildable so you can wear it by itself or layered over your favorite eyeshadow look. It can work for either everyday or a night out. 


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