How My Skincare Routine Has Changed Over The Last Year

Who would have guessed that 2017 would be the year of skincare? I feel like in the last few months more than ever, I've seen and heard a lot about skincare. Whether it's a discussion with my friends, or a snapshot on my Instagram feed, it's everywhere! And it makes me think about how much my skincare routine has changed over the last year. Are you ready for this?

The number one difference in my skincare routine between now and this time last year is that this time last year...I DID NOT HAVE ONE. Yup, I was a 21-year-old human who had somehow slept on the entire situation of skincare. It sounds crazy to say, but it's true! I owe the fact that I have one now to two things: NYLON and Glossier.

It should come as no surprise that my job has lead to me being surrounded by beauty products, as well as co-workers who know much more about them than I do. Another part of my job is attending events. I got invited to a breakfast at The Dirty French (if you haven't been, go!) to celebrate the launch of a skincare line and left with a bag of charcoal face masks, eye creams, and balancing oils. I emptied them out on my bed and stared at them, not knowing what to try first or in what order. I panicked and put everything back in the bag.

I also attended an event for a product launch on behalf of our beauty director and found myself in a room with the top beauty editors in the business. "I know I don't have to explain the difference between essential and carrier oils to this group," the founder joked, as everyone laughed around me. I made a mental note to Google the difference when I got home. (If you care, essential oils are taken from the aromatic parts of a plant whereas carrier oils come from the fatty parts.) So the desire to learn more about skincare definitely stemmed (plant jokes!) from my job.

I think that skincare originally scared me because I pictured a dermatologist lecturing me, and trying to tell me what was wrong with my skin. It seemed like a chore. Glossier makes skincare something I really want to care about. This may be a totally bogus excuse for getting into it, but Glossier makes skincare cool. I know Glossier is not for everyone, but the people who really love it can't imagine life without it now, and I definitely fall into that category.

So, here's what I do each day and which products I use:


1. Wash my face with the Milky Jelly Cleanser

2. Apply Super Glow serum to any spots

3. Add the Priming Moisturizer and then apply makeup


1. Wash my face with the Milky Jelly Cleanser

2. Either apply the Rich Priming Moisturizer OR do the Galaxy Mask

And that's it so far! Since I'm new to having this routine, I like how simple it is and how I'm not trying so many different products from all different brands with all different ingredients. I've found something simple that works so I'm sticking to it.

If you want to know more about makeup, I rounded up my makeup essentials for you!

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What is your skincare routine like?




P.S. This post is not sponsored by Glossier, I just really love it!