The 5 Podcasts I Currently Have on Rotation

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I actually resisted listening to podcasts consistently for quite some time. I can’t say for sure what it was that held me back (maybe I just preferred books), but now that I’ve started, I can’t stop. The first podcast I started listening to pretty actively is Don’t Keep You Day Job, which my roommates told me about and once I caught up on all of the episodes (which I was listening to daily on my commute into Manhattan each morning) I started looking for other similar podcasts about fashion, beauty, blogging, side-hustling, and more. Here are the five that I’m currently obsessed with.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller

As the title, a play on the phrase “don’t quit your day job,” suggests, this podcast is all about how to leave your full-time position and how to turn your passion into your primary source of income. Hosted by Cathy Heller, a songwriter who has been able to make a living doing what she loves, Don’t Keep Your Day Job is half motivational pep talk and half listening to Heller interview people who have successfully left their day jobs to pursue other passions.

Episode recommendations: How Instagram Can Grow Your Business with Jasmine Star, How To Revolutionize the Fashion Business Model with Tamara Mellon, How To Design A Home Decor Empire with Jonathan Adler, and How a Makeup Artist Became a Makeup Brand with Bobbi Brown.

The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

Julie Solomon is a NY Times best-selling publicist who moved to LA from Nashville and consults bloggers and influencers about how to grow their businesses. The Influencer Podcast answers questions like how to work with different brands, how to grow your following, and how to take your blogging game to the next level. At the end of each episode she asks each of her guests to define what “influence” means to them, and to hear so many different perspectives on a term that now has many connotations—both positive and negative—associated with it, is super interesting.

Episode recommendations: Instagram Growth & Effective Social media Marketing with Jennifer Puno, How to Market Yourself For Free and Defining the Micro Influencer with Kirbie Johnson, and Improving Your Online Following with James Nord.

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Keeping it Candid with Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton

I first discovered Sophie Milner through YouTube and of course immediately followed her on all of her socials as well. When I saw that she had a podcast, Keeping It Candid with another blogger and writer, I had to download it. (I later realized that writer was Millie Cotton who used to write for Nylon!) I love that these two truly do keep things candid when they talk as they talk about everything from press trips to taking outfit photos and everything in between. I could listen to these British babes all day.

Episode recommendations: Are Bloggers Relevant at Fashion Week?, The New Vogue, Edward Enninful & Racial and Body Diversity, and How To Get More Instagram Likes: A Theory by Leandra Medine.  

The Glossy Podcast with Hilary Milnes

Anyone interested in fashion and business is probably already subscribed to The Glossy’s daily newsletter, but for those who want even more industry insight, definitely check out The Glossy Podcast as well. Hosted by HIlary Milnes, senior reporter at Glossy, the podcast talks to designers, editors, publicists, and other insiders about how the business of fashion is changing and what everyone can do to keep up with it.

Episode recommendations: Poshmark co-founder Tracy Sun: “For us, mobile is everything,” InStyle founding editor Hal Rubenstein: “If you want to be everything to everybody, you are nothing to nobody,” Designer Mara Hoffman: “As a creative, standing still will kill you.”

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast 

I realize for the most part this post has included podcasts about fashion and blogging, but I had to slip this guilty pleasure in as well. Although I weirdly never watched seasons of the The Bachelor franchises with Ben Higgins or Ashley Iaconetti (until this year’s Winter Games spinoff) I feel like I know them incredibly well. On The Almost Famous Podcast they recap episodes as the seasons air the same way that I do with my best friends, but their inside insights lend even more detail to their analysis of each episode. They also successfully continue to create content in the off-season, taking the time to interview guests from previous seasons, answer listener emails, or put the focus on their own romantic lives.

Episode recommendations: All of the episode recaps are great. I also recommend the episode with Nick Viall (Bachelors on Bachelor) because ever since he dubbed Bibiana “No Chill” I can now only think of her as “No Chill.”

Do you listen to any podcasts? What are your favorites?