Finding Your Personal Style

I distinctly remember an outfit I wore in my first month as a high school freshman. I had recently discovered the namesake brand Kira Plastinina, launched by a teenager from Russia who's clothing was so different the other clothing I saw at the time, and such a refreshing addition to the Hollister's and Aeropostale's that lined the aisles of the Garden State Plaza. The outfit I wore that day in September was a grey T-shirt, a pink graphic skirt (courtesy of Kira Plastinina, and dark grey tights from the clearance bin at Nordstrom. That outfit made me feel invincible, a rare occurrence in high school. And even though that outfit is something I'd never wear now, it taught me a lot about style evolution. Like just because I haven't rocked a pink mini skirt in almost a decade doesn't mean I won't ever again, and that maybe style doesn't have to be dictated by trends, but rather by feelings. Do patent leather boots and patchwork jeans really go together? Maybe not. For me fashion has always been an incredible, unspeakable means of self-expression, and I'll love ever weird, daring, and slightly out-there outfit along the way. 

Photographed by Nikki Fraser

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