curb appeal

Unlike the classic Stones anthem, I am trying to avoid painting it all black this spring. Don't get me wrong; I'll never give up on black. But I do promise to give colors their time to shine. And speaking of shine, it seems as though our old friend the sun has resurfaced and I couldn't be happier to see it peaking through my windows in the morning. It's amazing how something as simple as a light source can make you feel so alive and approach your day-to-day routine with energy and ease. How do I define ease? Skinny jeans, a super soft t-shirt, a leather jacket and some oversized sunnies. Simple formula, killer results. Why can't everything in life be that way?

Photos by Lynne

Outfit Details: Leather Jacket: Free People (similar), T-shirt: Gypsy Warrior (similar), Jeans: Carmar (similar), Bag: Brandy Melville (similar), Shoes: Forever 21, Moon Necklace: Gypsy Warrior (similar), Glass Necklace: Brooklyn Charm (similar)